Closest Stars

   3-D maps, model and list of the closest stars to Earth, using Proxima star names

Map 1 - Looking toward the South celestial pole.  Galactic center is towards the bottom. (Model photo is below)

- Spheres representing stars are one light-year in diameter

- Stars visible from Earth are indicated separately within the spheres

- Gray grid has lines every two light-years, out to ten light-years from Sun

- Blue sun-centered globe has a radius of twelve light-years

- Stars and star-lines are shown with distinct colors, except for three groups:

Zodiac (5), Cetus (3), Andromeda (2)

A photo of an actual model is shown below.  The spheres representing most of the star systems are approximately one light-year in diameter at this scale.  Brighter stars are shown larger than dim ones, and the names are shown in colors approximating the actual colors of the stars.  The star systems are connected to each other by straight lines, as if the model were a map of an interstellar transportation network in the far distant future.  Three stars in the far southern hemisphere are named but not shown on the model:  Epsilon Indi, Proxima Piscis Austrini and Proxima Horologii.  As elsewhere on this site, Proxima names are used.

Distance (LY)     Star                                                             
   0.00                  Sun  (Sol)
   4.24                  Proxima Centauri  (Alpha Centauri C)
   4.36                  Alpha Centauri  (A&B)
   5.96                  Barnard's Star  (Proxima Ophiuchi)
   7.78                  Proxima Leonis  (Wolf 359, CN Leonis)
   8.29                  Proxima Ursae Majoris  (Lalande 21185)
   8.58                  Sirius  (A&B, Alpha Canis Majoris)   
   8.73                  Proxima Ceti  (A&B, Luyten 726-8, UV & BL Ceti)
   9.68                  Proxima Sagittarii  (Ross 154, V1216 Sagittarii)
 10.32                  Proxima Andromedae  (Ross 248 , HH Andromedae)
 10.52                  Epsilon Eridani  (Proxima Eridani)
 10.74                  Proxima Piscis Austrini  (Lacaille 9352)
 10.92                  Proxima Virginis  (Ross 128, FI Virginis)
 11.27                  Proxima Aquarii  (A,B&C, EZ Aquarii)
 11.37                  Proxima Cygni  (A&B,61 Cygni) 
 11.40                  Procyon  (A&B, Alpha Canis Minoris)
 11.52                  Proxima Draconis  (A&B, Struve 2398
 11.62                  GX/GQ Andromedae  (Groombridge 34 A&B)
 11.82                  Epsilon Indi  (Proxima Indi)
 11.83                  Proxima Cancri  (DX Cancri )
 11.89                  Tau Ceti
 11.99                  Proxima Horologii  (GJ 1061)
 12.10                  YZ Ceti  (LHS 138)
For more information see the Wikipedia page:  List of nearest stars 
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