Closest Stars

   3-D maps, model and list of the closest stars to Earth, using Proxima star names

Map 3 - North is at top, South is at bottom, Galactic Center is towards the right

- Spheres representing stars are one light-year in diameter

- Stars visible from Earth are indicated separately within the spheres

- Gray grid has lines every two light-years, out to ten light-years from Sun

- Blue sun-centered globe has a radius of twelve light-years

- Stars and star-lines are shown with distinct colors, except for three groups:

Zodiac (5),Cetus (3),Andromeda (2)

Distance (LY)     Star                                                             
   0.00                  Sun  (Sol)
   4.24                  Proxima Centauri  (Alpha Centauri C)
   4.36                  Alpha Centauri  (A&B)
   5.96                  Barnard's Star  (Proxima Ophiuchi)
   7.78                  Proxima Leonis  (Wolf 359, CN Leonis)
   8.29                  Proxima Ursae Majoris  (Lalande 21185)
   8.58                  Sirius  (A&B, Alpha Canis Majoris)   
   8.73                  Proxima Ceti  (A&B, Luyten 726-8, UV & BL Ceti)
   9.68                  Proxima Sagittarii  (Ross 154, V1216 Sagittarii)
 10.32                  Proxima Andromedae  (Ross 248 , HH Andromedae)
 10.52                  Epsilon Eridani  (Proxima Eridani)
 10.74                  Proxima Piscis Austrini  (Lacaille 9352)
 10.92                  Proxima Virginis  (Ross 128, FI Virginis)
 11.27                  Proxima Aquarii  (A,B&C, EZ Aquarii)
 11.37                  Proxima Cygni  (A&B,61 Cygni) 
 11.40                  Procyon  (A&B, Alpha Canis Minoris)
 11.52                  Proxima Draconis  (A&B, Struve 2398
 11.62                  GX/GQ Andromedae  (Groombridge 34 A&B)
 11.82                  Epsilon Indi  (Proxima Indi)
 11.83                  Proxima Cancri  (DX Cancri )
 11.89                  Tau Ceti
 11.99                  Proxima Horologii  (GJ 1061)
 12.10                  YZ Ceti  (LHS 138)
For more information see the Wikipedia page:  List of nearest stars 
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